Challenge: Launch Ila Bank’s prize linked savings accounts – Al Kanz with a 1 Million USD grand prize and create awareness through social media and digital channels. Engage Bahraini residents and generate interest by positioning the brand as the best in the country.

Solution: Vibrantly introduce and incentivize Ila bank’s existing and potential new customers with an integrated yearlong campaign. The resulting ‘Chances Are…’ campaign lit up smartphones across Bahrain and got customers opening and depositing in droves.


Ila Bank




Al Kanz - Inaugural Integrated Campaign Pro


Brand Design
Social Media Marketing
Film and Motion Graphics

Miracle developed the ‘Chances Are…’ bilingual campaign with the ‘Your chances just got bigger with Al Kanz’ positioning. Presented with an electrifying green neon beam product identity, it became an unofficial moniker for the brand, helping Al Kanz stand out in a sea of similar offerings and helped establish instant brand recall with existing and new customers.

To visualize several of the monthly and quarterly prize announcements and reinforcement communications, Miracle designed the Al Kanz transparent treasure chest. This was effectively promoted and engaged with through a data-driven campaign in human emotion, ingenuity, and the possibility of sharia compliant riches.