Challenge: Design and develop the brand identity and event branding for the IWF’s international championship at Riyadh, 2023, where 195 participating countries would compete to qualify for Paris Olympics, 2024.

Solution: Device a global showcase of Saudi Arabia’s sporting might, through a vibrant design identity and colour palette, representing the Kingdom’s rich history and future, as they step out to lift their international aspirations.


Saudi Weightlifting Federation




World Weightlifting Championships Riyadh 2023


Brand Identity
Event Branding
Signage & Environmental Design

Showcasing Saudi Arabia’s international aspirations, Miracle developed a bold and dynamic emblem. Fully realised with comprehensive event branding at every prominent touchpoint, and across several interactive platforms. Miracle’s branding and design work ended up adoring all the venues in Riyadh, while providing a global showcase of our expertise.