Challenge: Launch and establish the new Outlander as the flagship product for Mitsubishi. Position this new offering as a game changer to change perceptions by capturing customers from the upper-mid SUV segment.

Solution: Miracle built on the global platform of “Get into Out”, but by working outside the box of cliché competition comparisons. Inspired by the insights of current events and influences we produced a compelling campaign that captured how the new Outlander helped its customers ‘to stand out’.


Mitsubishi Motors Bahrain






Brand Design
Social Media Marketing
Film and Motion Graphics

In a world of Hashtags, Likes, Comments and Tags, there is a grand joy that comes from sharing great moments we’ve all lived with our “followers” and the extended digital world. Against this background Miracle showcased how the new Outlander gave its customers many reasons “to stand out” and confidently share their experiences with the world.

The #OUT went much further than a traditional launch campaign but rather became a call to action, to get out and live life that only the new Outlander makes possible. This was realised with on digital, social and on ground activations. Helping launch the Mitsubishi Outlander to great fanfare and resounding sales.